Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Days 31 & 32 of the EPIC Ride - Pancake Bay Provincial Park - Thessalon, ON; Thessalon rest day

Day 31
Sunday, July 27, 2013
Pancake Bay Provincial Park - Thessalon, ON
Distance: 186 km
Grey in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon

Day 32
Monday, July 28, 2013
Rest day in Thessalon, ON

Before going to bed on Saturday night, Evan checked the forecast, and found out that there was supposed to be a little bit of rain that night. 

Evan and Dave slept in one tent and Luke and I slept in the other one. At 3:30, Evan woke up Dave, telling him that the whole tent was soaked. After trying to cover up the tent with a tarp and realizing everything on the floor was soaked, they just packed up all their stuff, and went and sat in the van for a bit. After not being able to fall asleep, Dave got his stuff together, and started riding at 5:50 am. Luke got ready and started riding at about 7. After packing up the second tent, Evan and I drove off to meet the guys in Sault Ste Marie, 70 km away.

The whole morning of riding was cool and grey, but after taking a rest and breakfast at a Tim Horton's in Sault, it cleared up and the sun came out for the day.

Being that this was the 11th straight day of riding for the guys, it was a hard day, especially since they did 186 km. But they made it to Thessalon by the evening. Thanks to Tim & Sue Hutton, friends from our church, we were able to stay at their cottage near Thessalon.

This was our view from their place...

We spent the evening and the next day enjoying movies, barbecued dinners, swimming, canoeing, and we got a bunch of laundry washed and stuff repacked! All in all, it was a really relaxing time, amazing scenery and weather, and lots of food!

Thanks also to Sue's cousin, Jim, and his wife Dorothy, who were at the cottage the same time we were-they made us breakfasts and showed us where everything was at the cottage.

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