Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Days 23 & 24 of the EPIC Ride - Dryden - Ignace, ON; Igance - Shabaqua Corners, ON

Day #23 of the EPIC Ride
Saturday, July 20, 2013
Dryden - Ignace, ON
Distance: 112 km

Day #24 of the EPIC Ride
Sunday, July 21, 2013
Ignace - Shabaqua Corners, ON
Distance: about 181 km
Sunny with light clouds, slight headwind

Hey Everyone! Ben here with another 2-day blog post!

Saturday was a relatively short day; and if you saw our Facebook status from the afternoon, you'll know we had a late start. We slept in a bit at the Robertsons, had breakfast, and the guys did a couple things with their bikes and we just chatted and hung out. I wrote a couple blog posts, we kept hanging out, and then had lunch. After some photos at the Robertsons', the Riders got going, I went and got groceries and gas, and then caught up with the them for a break.

Doug Robertson is a photographer, and took a bunch of photos of us and of the Riders on the road, which we'll have available to view soon!

After our break the guys started off again while I sent a couple emails. When I was catching up to them, they flagged me down and I picked up Evan, who needed to stop riding because his knees hurt him too much at the time.

He took the rest of the day off and we went ahead to Davy Lake Campground. We got a great discount there - 50% off the camping rates!
We had spaghetti with vegetable & meat sauce for dinner-which I would say is the meal that has turned out the best for the stuff I've made-and after dinner we had a campfire and made s'mores!

On Sunday, Evan took the day off and rested his knees, while Dave and Luke got going by 9. After getting everything cleaned up at the campsite, we caught up with them and had a rest break after about 60 km.

After 50 km more, we had another rest break, and some ice cream...

...then Evan and I headed off to find a place to camp, near the day's destination-a highway intersection known as Shabaqua Corners.
We were hoping to find something about 40 km from where we had stopped, but nothing came up until Shabaqua Corners itself, and it was more of a hunting/fishing lodge, where they let us camp & shower. Because Dave and Luke were thinking they only had to do another 40 km or so, they hadn't eaten a big lunch, or packed really any snacks. After about 70 km, and 5 km from the day's end, they called us for a snack break because Dave was feeling faint. After that, and a hearty dinner at camp, they were feeling fine.

We managed to snag some free wifi at our campsite, which helped us work on some more route connections, and on last night's stay in Thunder Bay.

In case you haven't seen the changes yet, we've updated our Route page on the website to reflect the changes we made to our schedule.

Thanks to everyone who's helped us make billeting connections or taken us in along the way! We've got a lot of the rest of the nights of the trip confirmed or tentatively scheduled.
We've also only had to camp for 7 nights of these 25 days on the road! Lots of people have helped provide meals and comfortable, dry places to sleep, which means less work at the end and beginning of the day, and less costs to cover.

Almost half-way there!

-Ben Looby (SAG - Support And Gear driver)

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