Monday, 1 July 2013

Days 3 & 4 of the EPIC Ride: Merritt - Chase, BC

Day #3 of the EPIC Ride
Sunday, June 30, 2013
Merritt - Chase, BC
Distance: approx. 140 km
Avg. Speed: 25 km/h
Max. Speed: unsure-70s (km/h)
Sunny with light clouds, dry heat, high 30s

Day #4 of the EPIC Ride
Monday, July 1, 2013
40 km south of Chase, BC
Rest Day
Sunny with light clouds, hot, high 30s-40

Distance cycled so far: 446km

So Day 3...we got up a bit after 7, made breakfast and packed up; then the guys started at about 9:30. I cleaned up the site and finished loading the van. After a couple quick errands, I met the guys for a water break. They started off with a bunch of climbing out of Merritt; about 40km, and then a nice 30km stretch of downhill into Kamloops. They relaxed for 2+ hours in a Tim Hortons, because the heat was getting to them, then started out again at about 4:30 and rode another 60km to Chase, with a water break in the middle.

Day 3 photos

Evan has cousins down off of Chase Falkland Rd, about 40km south of Chase. Once the Riders got to Chase, we loaded up the bikes and drove down to stay at their ranch. We enjoyed a hearty dinner, large cool basement room, and a good, long sleep.

Today we took the day off and just relaxed in the area. After a heavy pancake breakfast, we went to a local lake and swam for a while with one of Evan's cousins.

Here's Evan, to tell you a bit more...

Thanks to the Jontz family for the hearty food, hospitality, and for showing us some cool stuff to do in the area.

Evan and Luke are resting right now, and have felt poor for the later half of the day. Dave is feeling fine, a bit tired, but good to go tomorrow. I'm a bit tired too but good otherwise. We're planning to go ahead with tomorrow's ride, and if Evan and/or Luke need to stay off the road for a bit, Dave will at least keep riding. Tomorrow will be 150 km, in the heat; probably  mid 30s.

We really appreciate your continued prayers for safety and health. We're all blown away so far by the comments, likes, and shares on our Facebook stuff. We'll continue to update our photos and blog stuff as best we can over the trip.

We (mostly I) have a lot of videos piling up from the past few days that I'll start sorting through and uploading to Youtube.

That's all for now; check our Facebook tomorrow for updates on how the day is going.

Thanks again for the support!

- Ben

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