Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 33 of the EPIC Ride - Thessalon - Sudbury, ON

Day 33
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Thessalon - Sudbury, ON
Distance: 220 km
Average speed: 31 km/h
Sunny & little to no breeze

The ride from Thessalon to Sudbury was one of our best riding days so far. Evan rode the first 65 km, but took the rest of the day off, to prevent his knees from hurting again. He'll be doing that for a little while; getting back into riding gradually.

The weather was great all day-sunny, warm, but not too hot; and not a lot of wind. There also weren't a lot of hills, compared to what we've had in other parts of Northern Ontario.

So the Riders left at 9:30 am, from the cottage, and got to our billets' house in Sudbury around 6:30 pm. Dave and Luke covered 220 km in only 7 hours of riding, with an average of 31 km/h. For parts of the day, they kept up speeds around 35 km/h.

For the night, we stayed with Jack & Dedee Flietstra, who live on the east side of Sudbury. Jack's brother, John, goes to our church in Cambridge.

They were also hosting four students (Steven, Johnny, Angela & Alison) from Athletes In Action (AIA), a group that "is committed to using the language of sport to communicate the most powerful message of all: God’s passionate love for his children as communicated through his Son, Jesus Christ." We had a great evening of dinner at the Flietstra's, and then went with the AIA crew to a nearby beach for a quick dip, and some friendly conversation.
It was really fun hanging out with other people our age, and Dave and Luke found out that Steven knew people from Cambridge that they knew, so that was cool too!

All in all, a pretty EPIC day! ;)


(p.s. no blog post until Friday. I'm writing this in North Bay right now, and we're taking a rest day tomorrow, so I'll update after that.)

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