Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 30 of the EPIC Ride - Wawa - Pancake Bay Provincial Park, ON

Day 30
Saturday, July 27, 2013
Wawa - Pancake Bay Provincial Park, ON
Distance: 158 km
Grey and rainy

With grey skies above them yet again, and on their 10th straight day of riding, Dave and Luke headed out from the church we stayed at in Wawa and made for Pancake Bay.

Thanks again to Pastor Brian from Calvary Pentecostal Church for letting us use their building!

Evan and I got all the stuff loaded up and got going to meet up with Dave and Luke for their first rest break.

While it was a cold, sometimes wet and always grey day, we rode/drove through some amazing scenery and had great views of Lake Superior...

We got to Pancake Bay Provincial Park in the early evening.
Dinner was sloppy joes and we had a fire with marshmallows later at night.
Then we went to bed hoping it wouldn't rain too much. More on that in the next post...

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