Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 27 of the EPIC Ride – Red River – Marathon, ON

Day 27
Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Red River – Marathon, ON
Distance: 209 km
Grey, some sun. Cooler temperatures with a breeze along the edge of Lake Superior.

Left Thunder Bay at 9. Drove 110 km to drop off Dave & Luke. Today was a loooong ride, with lots of hills, and cool temperatures.

Our accommodations for the night were already set up, thanks to friends of some friends of my family, so there wasn't much for Evan and I to do except meet Dave and Luke for rest breaks and sit in the van...

...and go exploring in the Canadian wilderness...

...we also went to Mink Creek Falls.

Thanks to Sarah & Chris Whaley for feeding us dinner and getting us set up with one room at Lakeview Manor and one at George & Joy Bot's. If you go to Marathon, Lakeview is a really nice B&B to stay at; George & Joy are also great hosts and happy to take people in-especially cyclists!

OK, peace!


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