Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Days 46 & 47 of the EPIC Ride - Florenceville - Oromocto, NB; Rest day in Burtts Corner, NB

Day 46
Monday, August 12, 2013
Florenceville - Oromocto, NB
Distance: 160 km
Partly cloudy, high 20s. Hot.

Day 47
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Rest Day in Burtts Corner, NB

We had a full day of riding and activities on Monday. First, we ate a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast. Thanks to Sylvia and Mike McIntosh for opening their home, feeding us, and doing our laundry!

The Riders then all mounted up and rode to Hartland, about 20 km away, to get some pictures on the world's longest covered bridge. We also spent a bit of time with some of Luke & Dave's extended family, Evan's grandpa, and Dale & June Shaw, from Family Worship Centre.

Evan took the rest of the day off for his knees, after doing the first 20 km, and doing a hard and fast 80 km the day before. Luke made it the next 20 km to Woodstock, where we stopped to get some photos and interview with Doug Dickinson from the local newspaper. After stopping there, Luke got in the van for the rest of the day, because his knees were also hurting him. If he'd kept riding, he would've hurt himself more and would also have ridden slower.

So we went ahead, Dave riding, and us three in the van. After about 50 km we stopped at some cliffs for the rest break. I laid in the sun for a while, Evan took pictures of his Dr. Pepper, and Luke climbed the rocks.

Dave arrived after a while and took a break in the shade.

We had decided in the morning that since our billet for the night was northwest of Fredericton by about 30 km, that we would go past Fredericton to Oromocto, so that there was less distance to cover on the day to Moncton. In total, Dave rode 160 km, and then we loaded up and drove about 50 km to Stephen & Veronica Hoyt's, in Burtts Corner.

Veronica is the aunt to Dave & Luke's cousins, the Thorntons. We stayed at their house that night and the next day. We were fed lots, lounged around a bunch, and got some needed rest. On Tuesday we all slept in a bit. I visited Fredericton in the afternoon, the guys went on some walks, and we ate pizza for dinner.

For the rest of the evening, we just relaxed and enjoyed our last rest day.

On to the last 5 days of riding!


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