Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 40 of the EPIC Ride - Ottawa, ON - St. Canut, QC

Day 40 of the EPIC Ride
Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Ottawa, ON - St. Canut, QC
Distance: 155 km

We left Ottawa, Dave and Luke riding, Evan in the van (he was sick in the morning, so took the day resting in the van), and crossed into our 6th province!

We now have about 2 weeks until we reach St. John's, and then a few days later, we'll be home again in Cambridge, ON!

There was a noticeable difference in the roads as soon as we crossed into Quebec. For pretty much all of Ontario, the shoulder was about 30 cm beside the white line. In Quebec, the shoulder is wider in most parts; about 1 meter or more. In the villages and cities there hasn't been a shoulder, but more than a few have had bike lanes, and clearly marked signs indicating them.

For the most part it has also been flat coming through Quebec.

Dave and Luke made the 155 km trip in 8.5 hours, including breaks; starting at 9 and arriving by 5:30.

When we were in Brandon, MB, we stayed with Camille and Audrey Brodeur. Camille's brother, Yollard, lives in St. Canut, QC and offered his home to us. We had a great evening with a delicious dinner made by Yollard's wife Guylene, hanging out with their kids, and watching a movie. Altogether a relaxing time and a very friendly and hospitable family!


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