Friday, 9 August 2013

Days 41 & 42 - St. Canut - Trois Rivieres; Trois Rivieres - Quebec City, QC

Day 41 of the EPIC Ride
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
St. Canut - Trois Rivieres, QC
Distance: 170 km
Sunny, mid 20s.

Day 42 of the EPIC Ride
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Trois Rivieres - Quebec City, QC
Distance: 120 km
Grey all morning, sunny by noon, grey in the late afternoon, light rain

Today all three guys started out from St. Canut and headed for our second Quebec stop; Trois Rivieres.
Evan was able to ride about 35 km before his legs and knees hurt and he stopped for the day. We took a rest break after about 60 km, then about 50 km, and then finished off in the evening at our hosts' house in Trois Rivieres.

We stayed with Kevin Veilleux in Trois-Rivieres. Kevin had come back two days earlier from biking in Asia, Europe, and across Canada in about 13 months. We set up our tent and had hamburgers for dinner. Kevin took us down to the Saint-Maurice River where we set up a slackline and took turns trying to walk across it.

This is the only half-good picture I could get of Dave trying it...

This is what it actually looks like, with proper lighting, and good balance...

In some of our earlier posts I mentioned we had been having water problems with one of our tents. When we were in North Bay, Evan's parents took us to Canadian Tire to get a new tent, which we are using for the rest of the trip and they are getting back at the end.
We set this tent up in Kevin's backyard for the night. Turns out we can all fit in it with our stuff. It was pretty nice, except that it rained that night and there are a couple seams on either end that leaked water, so it dripped in all night and got a couple things wet.

Today we rode to Quebec City. The day started out gray but became sunny later on. We Stopped at an information/tourist centre, ate in the shade, and enjoyed the view of the St. Lawrence. Evan did 65 km and took the next 40 km off. Our next break was at a snack shop, right beside the river...

The Riders got back on the road at about 3:30 and got to the outskirts of Quebec City before encountering a construction detour. The traffic was so bad, and the detour would be so long, just to get 9 km ahead, that we stopped at a Walmart. Evan, Luke and I all found good deals on shoes and/or flip-flops.

Our host for the night, Dominic Michaud, lives about 10 km out of the actual city, in Lac Beauport. He and his wife and two girls live in a beautiful home, with an aboveground pool, and a cool basement. We had a swim, ate dinner, and watched a movie downstairs before sleeping.

This post took longer to finish that I thought because we had a long and adventurous day from Quebec City to Riviere-du-Loup.


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