Saturday, 29 June 2013

Day 1 of the EPIC Ride: Richmond - Hope, BC

Day 1 of the EPIC Ride:

Richmond, BC - Hope, BC
Distance: 176km
Avg. speed: probably about 25 km/h
Max speed: Evan - approx. 84 km/h
Weather: Overcast, grey, a few drops of rain. Low 20s (Celsius)

So the first day of the ride was yesterday! Dave, Luke, and Evan left the Dylla's (our hosts while in Vancouver) and rode a couple km to the Olympic Oval, where we got a few pictures..

...then they left from there to go through Vancouver and out to Hwy 7, which they took all the way to Hope.

Hwy 7 was a good ride; mostly flat, but there were some hills about 2/3 of the way through the trip, and on towards Hope.

They started at 8am, and got to our hosts' house in Hope at about 5pm. This 9-hour trip also included 2 lunch breaks and a flat tire.

Our hosts, Karyn & Darrin, and Emma Bonikowsky, gave us a couple large rooms to use for the night, made some really great spaghetti & meatballs for dinner, and let us use their Jeep! We took it down to see the Othello Tunnels...

...and the Othello* River.

Interestingly, Hope was the area that the movie, Rambo, was filmed in, and we were at the river near a place that was used in the film!

After we got back to the Bonikowsky's, we relaxed a bit, the guys talked a bit about the day's riding, and then we all went to bed!

As I write this post, the Riders are on the Coquihalla Hwy, going from Hope to Merritt! They have 50km of climbing to do today, and as I understand it, they finished a 6km climb about 40 minutes ago!

Check back here tomorrow for a post about today's ride!



*Thanks to Karyn Bonikowsky for correcting me; it was the Othello River, not the Fraser River

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  1. Hi Ben, Good pictures, however I must point out that was actually the Coquihalla River, not the Fraser ;)
    We really enjoyed having you guys visit! We will keep watching your progress!