Friday, 28 June 2013

Ben Looby here...

So this is our first official post on the EPIC Riders Team blog. We'll write more up-to-date posts tomorrow and afterwards, but I just wanted to get these posts started and see how to best set them up. Typing a whole bunch of stuff is not something the guys want to do at the end of a long day, so vlogging (video-blogging) is going to be our primary avenue of sharing each day with you guys.

That being said, I'll be doing my best to give a written breakdown of each day, and I'll also embed the day's vlog into the corresponding post.

We've been pretty busy over the past few days with driving out West and getting set up here.

Sunday we left Forward (our home church) in Cambridge, made a couple quick stops, and hit the highway at 3:20pm (EST).
We drove non-stop all the way to Vancouver, BC (with some gas and food stops), and arrived at 8:20 pm (EST) Tuesday night; so did over 4,400 km in 53 hours. It was a looooong drive.

Watch this vlog post from Evan, posted after we got to Richmond, BC:

We are staying at Paul Dylla's house right now, and have been since Tuesday night. The Dyllas have been very hospitable and have given lots of food, a large room, and whatever else we've needed. Thanks to them for hosting us for 3 nights!
Paul is involved with Ratanak as an area representative, and heads up Ratanak's involvement with Ride For Refuge.

Yesterday and today we did some errands and the rest of the team toured Vancouver with Paul while I did admin stuff. Today the guys set up their bikes for riding and we also visited the Ratanak staff at their office in Burnaby.

It was really cool to meet Brian McConaghy and the rest of the staff and to be prayed for by them.

We are leaving tomorrow for the first day of riding: Richmond - Hope. Should be about 160km for the guys, and we're leaving at about 8.

Watch this post, just uploaded a few minutes ago by Evan:

So yeah, keep sharing and liking all the EPIC stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. has all the links. If you'd like our daily blog posts emailed to you, send us your email address to and we'll get you added!
Keep telling people about us and about what we're doing for Ratanak and the people of Cambodia!
Keep praying for us too; team unity, safety, good weather, and that we'd be able to share with lots of people about how Jesus' love saves the girls in Cambodia, and saves each one of us!

Keep it EPIC!

-Ben Looby

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